Exercise Guide Arms

Dumbbell hammer curl

Strengthen and build your brachioradialis, a forearm muscle, using the dumbbell hammer curl. Your biceps brachii and brachialis act as synergists.

Exercise Guide Arms Shoulders

Dumbbell armpit row

The dumbbell armpit row is a rarely seen exercise that targets your lateral deltoid. Your posterior deltoid and various back and arm muscles act as synergists.

Exercise Guide Arms

Bench dip

The bench dip is an effective yet straightforward exercise that will help you to progress to performing the more advanced triceps dip on parallel bars.

Exercise Guide Arms

EZ bar curl

Compared with the barbell curl, the EZ bar curl is easier on your wrists; however, it places a little less emphasis on your biceps brachii.

Exercise Guide Arms Back


The pull-up is a major compound exercise that will help you to develop functional upper-body strength as well as build a wide tapering back.

Exercise Guide Arms

Cross-body hammer curl

An auxiliary upper-arm exercise, the cross-body hammer curl targets your brachioradialis (in your forearm), while your brachialis and biceps brachii act as...

Exercise Guide Arms

Barbell reverse curl

Unlike what many people think, the barbell reverse curl targets your brachioradialis (a muscle in your forearm), not your biceps brachii or brachialis, both of...

Exercise Guide Arms

Triceps rope push-down

The triceps rope push-down was found in one study to be significantly more effective than the triceps bar push-down at activating the triceps brachii.

Exercise Guide Arms

Dumbbell curl

Few exercises are as popular as the dumbbell curl! Use it to build and strengthen your biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis.

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