Lower body

Exercise Guide Lower body

Dumbbell step-up

Use the dumbbell step-up, a lower-body compound push exercise, to develop unilateral functional leg strength, as well as to improve your barbell squat!

Exercise Guide Lower body

Zercher squat

Created by strongman Ed Zercher in the 1930s, the Zercher squat is a major compound exercise that you can use to develop body-wide functional strength.

Exercise Guide Abdominals Lower body


The v-up is an advanced core exercise that targets your rectus abdominis, while your obliques, hip flexors, adductors, and rectus femoris work as synergists.

Exercise Guide Back Lower body

Dumbbell deadlift

The dumbbell deadlift is an auxiliary compound exercise that you can use to improve your barbell deadlift or use as a substitute if you have a bad back.

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