Training Guide

Training Guide

Muscle names

Learn the names of the major muscles that you will be training, along with how to memorize muscle names, and the conventions that were used to name muscles.

Training Guide

Muscle structure

Your muscles make up nearly half of your body weight. They are composed of over 75% water; the rest is mostly protein. In this lesson, you will learn about the...

Training Guide

How muscles work

Learn how muscles work, including how muscles contract, and how they recruit different types of muscle fiber when dealing with different amounts of load or...

Training Guide

How muscles grow

Learn how muscles grow, how long it takes them to start growing, and how, before they start to grow, your nervous system adapts to get the most out of the...

Training Guide

Types of exercise

There are literally hundreds of weight training exercises and exercise variations. Learn the different types of exercise, including compound, isolation, pull...


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