Smart tips for easier weight loss

Weight loss tips

Having already revealed the two simple steps that can make losing weight, and keeping it off, much easier, below I present some additional weight loss tips. The tips should help you to overcome urges to break your diet, feel full for longer, avoid overeating, and keep motivated and committed to your goal of losing weight.

Weight loss tips

Put your weight loss goal into writing

One effective way of making your weight loss mission official and reducing your chances of breaking your diet is to put it into writing. Sign and date it, and stick it on your fridge. Even better, get a loved one to sign it as well. Whenever you feel the urge to break your diet, you will see the signed and dated “contract” on your fridge, which will make breaking your diet much more difficult.

Occupy yourself if urges strike

Whenever you have a strong urge to break your diet, find something to keep your mind occupied for a few minutes. For example, take a shower, call a friend, or play a videogame. In most cases, simply taking your mind off food for just a few moments can allow your urges to subside, after which you will have more control of yourself.

Don’t give up if you mess up

If you break your diet on occasions—and you almost certainly will!—do not lose enthusiasm and give up. This kind of “all or nothing” mentality is foolish. Messing up on occasions is normal and doesn’t spell the end of your weight loss mission. Accept the glitch and carry on. Don’t let it ruin all previous successful days of sticking to your diet. If you want to, you can make up for the glitch by eating slightly less in your next couple of meals.

Make sure to get lots of protein and fiber

Compared with fat and carbohydrate, protein keeps you feeling full for longer, which reduces your chances of succumbing to urges and breaking your diet. Fiber, too, can help you feel full for longer. Therefore, get lots of protein and fiber in each meal.

Use smaller plates and glasses

The larger your plate is, the larger your serving size is likely to be. Simply using smaller plates and glasses can dramatically reduce the sizes of your portions/servings and thus your caloric intake.

Limit variety during mealtimes

If you cook a bunch of different things for a meal, you’re likely to have a bit of each one. Therefore, limit variety when you cook. For example, you don’t need both potatoes and sweet potatoes when you make a roast; sweet potatoes will suffice.

Eat slowly

As you eat, it takes 15 to 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that you’re full, which makes it easy to overeat if you eat quickly. If you slow down your eating, you’ll find yourself feeling full before you eat as much food as you usually would.

Chew gum

Try chewing sugar-free gum if you’re still hungry after a meal, or if you get hungry before it’s time for a meal. Gum helps many people to stop overeating and/or cope with cravings. Note, however, that too much gum can have laxative and other negative effects, so choose your gum carefully, and don’t overdo it.

Join weight loss forums

At any moment in time, numerous people are trying to lose weight. They’re all going through the same challenging process as you are. You’ll find many thousands of them in online forums, where they support, guide, and motivate each other. Join a few such weight loss forums and make friends. Share your goals, achievements, and journey. The journey is easier with friends.

Allow yourself a weekly cheat meal

If you stick to your diet (which should be much easier with the help of the Metabolic Cooking package), reward yourself with a cheat meal at the end of the week. The cheat meal will not affect your progress. What it will do is help you a great deal to stay motivated and committed to your goal of losing weight!

Use social media for weight loss help and motivation

  • Join and attend weight loss meetups to make friends, share your journey, and receive encouragement.
  • Start a weight loss blog and document your weight loss journey. Your journey will motivate your readership, and your readership will keep you motivated with encouragement. You can also monetize your blog.
  • Start a YouTube channel and document your weight loss journey using videos. As with a blog, you can help your viewers, and they will help you with encouragement. You can also make money from your videos through the YouTube Partnership program.
  • Subscribe to the YouTube channels of others who are documenting their own weight loss journey, learn from them, and be motivated by their success stories.
  • Start an Instagram account and document your weight loss journey using photos. The encouragement offered by your followers will help you on your way to losing weight.


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