Bulgarian split squat exercise

Bulgarian split squat

Exercise details

  • Movement pattern: Squat
  • Mechanics: Compound
  • Force: Push

Main muscles activated

Muscles activated by Bulgarian split squat exercise


Starting position

  1. Stand with your back facing the side of a bench.
  2. Place the top of one foot on the bench behind you so that you are standing only on one foot.


  1. Keeping your torso upright, squat down with your supporting leg until the knee of your back leg almost touches the floor.
  2. Exhale as you drive through your supporting leg to stand back up.
  3. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.
  4. Repeat the Bulgarian split squat with your opposite leg.

Comments and tips

  • Use the Bulgarian split squat to develop unilateral leg strength, enhance your balance and coordination, and improve your lunges and squats.
  • Keep your front knee and foot aligned and facing forward. Your knee should not move in front of your toes when you squat.
  • Throughout the exercise, keep your torso upright and your back neutral.
  • The wider you split your legs, the more you will emphasize your glutes. However, the quadriceps will remain as the target muscle group.
  • Perform the Bulgarian split squat with your weaker leg first and do not perform more repetitions with your stronger leg. This will promote equal strength between your legs.
  • To make this exercise more difficult, perform it with dumbbells or barbells, as in the dumbbell Bulgarian split squat and the barbell Bulgarian split squat.
  • This exercise is also known as the bodyweight Bulgarian squat.
  • Try also the dumbbell split squat, the Jefferson split squat, and the barbell split squat.

Bulgarian split squat video


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