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How to use this website to transform your body

The way you use this website will depend on your fitness goals.

Physical fitness can be broken down into five key components:

  1. Muscular fitness (the size, strength, power, and endurance of your muscles)
  2. Functional fitness (your skills as regarding agility, balance, coordination, and gait)
  3. Flexibility
  4. Cardiorespiratory fitness (the strength and efficiency of your heart, blood vessels, and lungs)
  5. Body composition (the amount of fat mass you have compared with fat-free mass)

This website can help you to improve all five key components of fitness, as well as completely transform your body’s appearance.

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A functionally stronger, healthier, fitter, and more attractive body is within your grasp. It could be just months away. Everything you need for your transformation is available for free on this website, so you have no excuses. Whether you want to build an impressive physique, develop jaw-dropping curves, maximize your strength, boost your power, increase your endurance, lose weight, or improve your diet, this website can help you to achieve your goal. All you have to do is take action.

Want to know more about the guides and programs?

If you’d like to know more about the training guides and training programs on this website, I explain them in a little more detail below. I also explain some other features of the website, such as the Muscle Activation Guide and the Exercise Database.

Man and woman holding dumbbells

Weight Training Guide

The Weight Training Guide introduces you to weight training, explains how muscles work and grow, describes the different types of exercise, and reveals the basic and advanced methods of weight training. It also offers guidance on how to get started with weight training, find a gym, set up a home gym, warm up before a workout, stretch after a workout, track your progress, keep motivated, and ultimately succeed in achieving your weight training goal.

Note pad with workout plan

Weight Training Programs

In the Weight Training Programs section, you will find eight professionally designed weight training programs for men and eight professionally designed weight training programs for women. The programs for men are designed for maximum muscle and strength, whereas the programs for women are designed for maximum curves/shape and functional fitness. For both men and women, there’s a beginner program, a ‘time-saver’ program for busy individuals, five increasingly difficult programs that cater for different levels of experience, and a ‘plateau buster’ program.

You can complete the training programs at any gym or at home using basic gym equipment and alternative exercises that I have provided for each program. Apart from the beginner program, all of the programs have been meticulously balanced so that you can repeat them over and over again for many years with reduced risk of developing muscular strength imbalances.

Man and woman on exercises bikes

Cardio Training Guide

The Cardio Training Guide begins by explaining the basics of aerobic and anaerobic endurance training, before going over everything you need to know to do cardio training effectively, such as how to calculate your cardio training zones and monitor your heart rate while exercising. It then presents the advantages, disadvantages, and applications of three types of cardio: steady-state training, interval training, and circuit training. The Cardio Training Guide concludes with instructions on how to design your own circuit training workouts.

Man and woman running on treadmill

Cardio Training Programs

In the Cardio Training Programs section, you will find three programs: one steady-state training program with three workouts, one interval training program with three workouts (two of which are high-intensity [or HIIT] workouts), and one circuit training program with two workouts. All workouts can be repeated as many times as you want to. The workouts are also interchangeable, which means that on one day you can do steady-state training, on another day you can do high-intensity interval training, and on yet another day you can do circuit training. One of the high-intensity interval training workouts follows the original Tabata protocol, which is extremely intense and intended only for experienced individuals.

Black man doing push-ups with one arm

Bodyweight Training Guide and Workouts

The Bodyweight Training Guide is very short. It explains the fundamentals of bodyweight training and presents two bodyweight workouts, one for men and one for women. It also gives you the tools necessary to design your own bodyweight workouts.

Man and woman doing a box jump exercise

Power / Plyometric Training Guide and Workouts

Like the Bodyweight Training Guide, the Power / Plyometric Training Guide is very short. It reveals the fundamentals of power and plyometric training before presenting two power workouts (one for the upper body and one for the lower body) and one plyometric workout (for the whole body).

Barbell sumo deadlift exercise

Exercise Database

The Exercise Database is a continuously growing database of strength training exercises, mostly focusing on weight training and bodyweight training exercises. For each exercise, I provide instructions and video demonstrations illustrating how to perform the exercise safely and with optimal form.

Man lifting dumbbell with biceps glowing

Muscle Activation Guide

The Muscle Activation Guide is very original. It’s quite complicated, though, so it may not be an easy read. The guide begins with a description of joint articulations and the three planes of motion, after which it provides a general overview of the main muscles that are activated by different types of exercise, such as horizontal pulling exercises and vertical pushing exercises.

Weight loss plan written on board

Weight Loss Guide

The Weight Loss Guide is short but very useful for anyone whose primary goal is to lose weight. It presents three steps to permanent weight loss, along with a wide range of tips and tricks that can make losing weight, and keeping it off, much easier.

Assortment of foods on a table

Nutrition Guide

The Nutrition Guide covers all of the important elements of good nutrition, dietary management, and strategic eating. After beginning with a detailed look at all macronutrients and micronutrients, it explores kilocalorie requirements, bulking and cutting, dietary tracking, supplementation, and nutrient timing. The guide ends with advice on how to save money on healthy foods.

The word Glossary written in Scrabble pieces

Fitness Glossary

The Fitness Glossary includes many key terms, concepts, and principles related to muscle science, weight training, cardio, general fitness, and nutrition. You can use it as a reference or a revision tool.