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Please read the frequently asked questions before you submit any questions.

Frequently asked questions

Do you accept guest posts?

If you would like a guest post, please contact me and let me know what page of what website you would like the guest post to link to. The page must be relevant to fitness or weight loss. If the page is acceptable, either I or one of my writers will write an article that is relevant to the subject of your web page and provide two permanent* do-follow links to it from the article that is written. The cost is $85. The cost includes the article that is written and the two permanent* do-follow links. The article will be posted to the Articles section of this website within a week or two; it will not occur on the home page. I’m afraid I can’t accept articles written by others.

*The links will remain on this website for as long as the website exists.

Is there a paperback version of your ebook?

Currently, there is a paperback version only of the first edition. You can find it on Amazon. However, I recommend the second edition ebook, which contains much more content and is optimized in multiple ways to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Also, every exercise in the second edition ebook links to a video demonstration, helping you to master exercise form.

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