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Please read the frequently asked questions below before you submit any questions. I try my best to reply to questions within 48 hours.

Frequently asked questions

Is the exercise database in the ebook?

Sorry, no. Instead, the exercises in the ebook link to the exercise database on the website, so the ebook and website work together.

It’s not possible to put the exercise database into the ebook because the ebook’s file size would get too big, and no one would be able to download it.

However, the ebook does contain a Target Muscle Guide. If you can read and understand it (it’s quite detailed), you will not need the exercise database. The Target Muscle Guide will teach you what muscles are activated by all major exercise movement patterns.

Can I use your exercise illustrations for my own project?

Sorry, I cannot allow anyone to use my illustrations for their own projects (i.e. websites, ebooks, etc.) because I do not own full rights. You can buy the images for your own projects at

Do you accept guest posts?

Sorry, I do not accept guest posts.

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