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Book a consultation with me

Do you need help with losing weight or building muscle?

If so, book a 30-minute personal consultation with me over Zoom. Along with 30 minutes of undivided attention, I’ll give you my ebook.

Since 2016, I’ve helped thousands of people, both ladies and gentlemen, to lose weight and/or build muscle. I’ll try my best to help you, too, but I can’t guarantee anything. I should be able to clearly explain what you need to do, but it will be up to you to take action.

The 30-minute consultation + ebook package costs $100 USD (or the equivalent in your currency), which is nonrefundable.

If interested, please contact me and insert ‘Consultation’ in the subject line. In your email, please briefly explain what you need help with.

Important! For the consultation, you will need a decent Internet connection and a webcam, which will allow us to communicate properly, face to face.