Ebook - How to Create a Great Body

Watch the video – learn how my ebook can help you to transform your body

how to create a great body, Watch the video – learn how my ebook can help you to transform your body

Whatever your goal is, my ebook can help you to achieve it

Since 2016, the many detailed guides and professionally designed training programs on this website have helped thousands of people to achieve a variety of goals, including:

  • Build an impressive physique
  • Develop a jaw-dropping figure
  • Lose weight
  • Maximize cardio endurance
  • Enhance functional fitness
  • Increase strength
  • Boost power
  • Extend flexibility
  • Improve diet and nutrition
  • Modify body composition

The ebook, which is entitled How to Create a Great Body, Second Edition, contains all the guides and training programs on this website, allowing you to:

  1. Read the guides on almost any device, anywhere, offline, without ads
  2. Take the training programs to the gym on your phone

If you are serious about losing weight, building muscle, getting ‘toned’, or achieving any of the goals listed above, download my ebook now and have everything you need for your transformation on your device!

What’s so great about this ebook?

  1. It is the most comprehensive guidance and training system that I am aware of (see the full table of contents below)
  2. The guides and training programs have proven to work for thousands of people from all over the world
  3. The training programs have been meticulously balanced, so you can use them for several years with minimal risk of developing muscle-strength imbalances
  4. The exercises in the weight training programs link to the exercises in the Exercise Database of this website, so you have direct access to exercise instructions and video demonstrations from the ebook
  5. The ebook contains alternatives for cable and machine exercises, so you can complete the weight training programs at home if you have basic equipment
  6. I worked on it for over 3 years, updating the first edition five times and updating the second edition once
  7. It is used and recommended by personal trainers (see the reviews below)
  8. It only costs $10!




Chapter 1: Introduction to weight training

  • What is weight training?
  • What are the benefits of weight training?
  • Myths of weight training and bodybuilding

Chapter 2: Muscle science

  • Muscle names
  • Muscle structure
  • How muscles work
  • How muscles grow
  • How quickly can you gain muscle?
  • Genetic factors that limit muscle growth
  • How to naturally increase testosterone

Chapter 3: Fundamentals of weight training

  • Guidelines and principles
  • Types of exercise
  • How many sets and reps should you do?
  • Types of set
  • Intensity techniques
  • Safety always comes first

Chapter 4: Getting started and succeeding

  • How to get started with weight training
  • How to warm up
  • How to stretch
  • How to track your progress
  • How to avoid overtraining
  • How to keep motivated


Chapter 5: Men’s weight training programs

  • Overview of men’s training programs
  • Men’s Beginner
  • Muscle 1
  • Muscle 2
  • Muscle and Strength 1
  • Muscle and Strength 2
  • Muscle and Strength 3
  • Men’s Plateau Buster
  • Men’s Time-Saver

Chapter 6: Women’s weight training programs

  • Overview of women’s training programs
  • Women’s Beginner
  • Maximum Curves and Functional Fitness 1
  • Maximum Curves and Functional Fitness 2
  • Maximum Curves and Functional Fitness 3
  • Maximum Curves and Functional Fitness 4
  • Maximum Curves and Functional Fitness 5
  • Women’s Plateau Buster
  • Women’s Time-Saver


Chapter 7: Cardiorespiratory training

  • Introduction to cardio
  • How to do cardio
  • Types of cardio
  • How to design circuit training workouts


Chapter 8: Steady-state, interval, and circuit training programs

  • Overview and general instructions
  • Steady-state training program
  • Interval training program
  • Circuit training program


Chapter 9: Bodyweight training

  • Fundamentals of bodyweight training
  • Bodyweight workouts
  • How to design bodyweight workouts


Chapter 10: Power and plyometric training

  • Fundamentals of power and plyometric training
  • Power and plyometric workouts


Chapter 11: Muscles activated by different types of exercise

  • Introduction to the Muscle Activation Guide
  • Joint articulations and the three planes of motion
  • Horizontal pulling exercises—upper arms close to torso
  • Horizontal pulling exercises—upper arms out to sides
  • Horizontal pushing exercises—perpendicular and acute
  • Horizontal pushing exercises—obtuse
  • Vertical pulling exercises
  • Vertical pushing exercises
  • Dipping exercises
  • Elbow-flexion exercises
  • Hip-flexion and hip-and-waist-flexion exercises
  • Seated-waist-rotation and lateral-waist-flexion exercises
  • Hip-hinge exercises
  • Squatting, lunging, and step-up exercises
  • Knee-flexion exercises
  • Plantar flexion exercises


Chapter 12: Macronutrients and micronutrients

  • Overview of nutrition
  • Protein
  • Dietary fat
  • Carbohydrate and dietary fiber
  • Vitamins
  • Dietary minerals

Chapter 13: Dietary management and strategic eating

  • Kilocalories and kilocalorie requirements
  • Bulking and cutting
  • How to track your kilocalories and diet
  • Weight training supplements
  • Nutrient timing


Chapter 14: How to lose weight and keep it off

  • Three steps to permanent weight loss
  • How to lose weight by counting kilocalories
  • Tips for easier weight loss



Is there a money-back guarantee?

60-day money-back guarantee

Yes. How to Create a Great body, Second Edition, comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that, if you have a problem with it, you have 60 days to email me for a refund.

How do you download the ebook?

After you make your payment, you will be taken to the download page, where you can download the ebook with one click. You will also be emailed a receipt that contains a link to the download page. Use the link to access the download page with your other devices and download the ebook to them, too.

How do you read the ebook?

You can read the ebook on any device that has an ebook app. Such an app is usually preinstalled on the device or can be downloaded for free. The table below shows you which app you can use on each type of device.

Type of deviceApp
iPhone / iPad / MacApple Books (usually preinstalled) / Google Play Books
Android phones and tabletsGoogle Play Books (usually preinstalled) / Nook / Kobo
Windows PCsEPUBReader Chrome extension
how to create a great body, Watch the video – learn how my ebook can help you to transform your body

What do customers think about the ebook?

Here is a small selection of feedback and reviews that I have received about the first and second editions of How to Create a Great Body.

Unsolicited email from Mark, Glasgow City, UK

Just downloaded the ebook earlier. Brilliant content! Great job! Still can’t get over how great it is and for £10 absolute bargain! I’m becoming a personal trainer and this book is such a help on all the things I need to learn! Absolutely brilliant!

Email conversation with Claire, Alberta, Canada

Hello, I bought your ebook and downloaded it onto my computer. I liked it quite a bit. Now I can’t find the file. Can you tell me the name of the download? Thanks, Clare

Hi, Clare. The file name should be: [CENSORED]. If you can’t find it, I can send you a new download link. Edward

Hi, Thanks, I couldn’t find it so I just bought it again. No worries. It’s a great resource. I’m taking the Personal Trainer Program at [CENSORED] university, and I’ve found that your book is one of the best I’ve read so far. Best, Clare

Hi, Clare. I can’t take your money twice. Please give me your PayPal email address and I’ll send you however much you paid. Warm regards, Edward

Hi Edward, My PayPal email is: [CENSORED]. I really don’t mind paying twice. The price was only $10.00, which is crazy. It’s refreshing to read a book that is as concise and informative as yours. Thanks for putting it out there. And Thank-you very much for the thoughtful response! Best, Clare

Unsolicited email from Sagar, India

Thanks, I’m 100% satisfied and your book is awesome … do you have any other books?

Solicited review by Ali (location unknown)

As its name implies, want to create a great body? Then you must read this ebook! More so if you’re a beginner with shallow knowledge or completely foreign to the basics of training and nutrition! It’s a great book that will teach you all the basics and fundamentals that you need to know about muscle science / nutrition / weight training / cardio / etc and some information is perfectly detailed and well defined. Overall it’s an interesting read with clear writing style and easy to understand. I highly recommend! (btw this was my first purchased ebook in internet and I don’t regret it, really worth it. Ali

Solicited review by Janne (location unknown)

Edward, This is what I think of your ebook. And feel free to quote any part of it. The ebook is a true gem and something I have been looking for for a long time. It offers the fundamentals of what is important for muscle growth, the right kind of training, and nutrition in a compact form. It gives logical reasonings and unlike most other books you dont want to skip any chapter as it feels like all of it matters. For me personally it was a big motivation and inspiration to entirely change my approach on training and do it more professionally. So far everything I have learned from the book seems to work as told. Most importantly my motivation is on completely new level. The book offers good ideas for training programs and for sure one of the best part is the libraries for exercize routines, which are cleverly grouped and allows you to easily do variations on on your routine. Thank you weight training quide!

The book has done its trick on me for sure! I used to be a serious athlete when I was a teen until 18 or so and I kind of knew a lot of the things in the book but only from outside and not really why, as an engineer that matters to me. I am already 50 years old but I got remarried few years ago and go like young boy again… my wife loves the gym and me more now that I have the new training approach and can also help her out with your book. So Edward I dont know how to say thank you enough, you have just done a great job here! Thank you!

Solicited review by Shana, Cape Town, South Africa

I found How to Create a Great Body easy to read and very helpful. Edward’s explanations of the topics covered in this book gave me a greater understanding of the information in the course I am studying (Personal Trainer). It also covered extra information that isn’t in my course, which I found very interesting. Whether you’re a guy or gal, interested in, or studying health and fitness, this ebook is for you! As the architect of your body, this book will teach you how to design the best physical version of yourself! – Shanz, Cape Town

Email conversation with Jessica, Georgia, USA

I purchased the book, I downloaded it to a device that I no longer have. Is there any way i can get the link to download it again.

Hi, Jessica. Here’s a new download link: [CENSORED]. It would be interesting to hear what you think about the ebook. Has it helped you? Edward

Hey! thanks. I love the e-book. It was very helpful and I would always use it as a reference guide. I think its very detailed and well written. I’m an exercise physiologist so i’m always looking for ways to sharpen my skills and educate myself and clients.

Unsolicited email from Vishal, India

Hi. I have read your book and it helped me a lot and to train my clients also … Do let me know if any other books for me to refer … Best author online books!

Unsolicited email from Denise, USA

Hi Edward, I just wanted to briefly give you some feedback. So far I absolutely LOVE your book! It’s so well done I’ve been preaching about it to all my friends. I especially love the way each exercise links to the website with all the videos and information and what initially led me to discover your book in the first place – those awesome illustrations of each exercise showcasing the targeted muscles.

I love how I learned some new exercises I have never done before!!! Either way I’m excited to go through the rest of the book it really is great you did an amazing job with it, such a good resource! Best, Denise

Review by Dhalia on Amazon US

Rating: Five stars

This really is an amazing book. I’ve read tons of fitness books, some good, some crap. With the link to the exercises and so much detail, I’m seriously blown away that it’s only $10. Best money I’ve spent in a while. Thanks!

Review by Alessandra on Amazon US

Rating: Five stars

Excellent!! the best I’ve read so far to understand strength training!!

Review by Marjorie on Amazon US

Rating: Five stars

Best. nice book

Review by Margie on Amazon US

Rating: Five stars

Amazing!! This book is a must read, it has all the information for fitness! Its easy to follow and has great strategies and tips on how to lose weight and keep it off, how to build muscle the right way and a section specifically for women! Teaches how to build and maintain curves!! Love that! It also has a section for bodyweight training, plyometrics and more. Just amazing!

Review by Ronnie on Amazon US

Rating: Five stars

I purchased the first edition and can’t tell you how much the knowledge in it still means to me in my day-to-day routine. Knowing there’s a 2nd could only mean there’s still plenty of ground to cover on my path to peak fitness in these uncertain times. I definitely recommend this book!!

Review by Falanke on Amazon US

Rating: Five stars

There is a ton of information packed into this eBook. The real game changer for me was the section on dynamic stretching. I’ve had rotator cuff issues for years and didn’t realize that it was partly due to doing only static stretching as a warmup. The guide recommends dynamic stretching before a workout and static stretching after, as a cooldown. I cannot tell you how big of a difference this has made in my training. And there are links right there on the page to a couple of excellent dynamic warmup videos.

Also useful to me was the advice on avoiding dangerous exercises such as behind-the-neck pullups, behind-the-neck presses, and behind-the-neck lat pull-downs, all of which I used to do. The “Weight Training Programs” section has clickable links that take you to the weighttraining.guide website or YouTube. That highlights another benefit to this guide: you don’t have to search for hours on your own to find good how-to videos and in-depth advice—the research has been done for you.

As well, there’s a huge and helpful section on Nutrition that I’m still “digesting.” All in all, a very comprehensive fitness guide. Highly recommended.

Review by Kyron on Amazon UK

Rating: Five stars

Great ebook! It’s got everything – weight training programs, cardio training programs, stretches, power workouts, plyometric workouts, bodyweight workouts, etc, etc, plus all the various guides. It’s a long ebook. The weight training guide and the cardio guide are very impressive. I also liked the section on the fundamentals of power and plyometric training, and all the stuff on dietary management and strategic eating. The target muscle guide is a bit detailed for me, but he simplifies it well. The guides are written exceptionally well, very clearly, and the programs are designed brilliantly! He explains how he designed and balanced the programs, which was very satisfying for me and informative. I like how I can take the training programs to the gym on my phone! I started the “Muscle and Strength” program. Got a serious workout.

Review by Rajan on Amazon India

Rating: Four stars

Perfect techniques, exercises for beginners and intermediates. This is a good book for anyone who wants to start to cut weight or gain weight. It covers the fundamentals of muscles, nutrition, supplements, weight training, specific muscle gain exercises with YouTube demo link for each exercise. IT HAS SEPARATE CHAPTERS FOR MEN AND WOMEN. Also covers How to breathe, perfect techniques, exercises for beginners and intermediaries, schedule, reps and tempo. Must buy for anyone who wants to get a toned body as it progressively takes the reader to next level of physical fitness. I’ve a Kindle version so that I can refer to in my mobile as and when required.

Review by Sagar on Amazon India

Rating: Five stars

Just buy it. Awesome book. Just buy it. Just buy it. The information is very good. U will love it.

Review by Mirela (location unknown) on Scribd

I love this book because it’s complete. Programmes for men and women.

Review by ‘asfhj’ (location unknown) on Scribd

Love that every topic and even the subtopics are in great detail. Truly a masterpiece when it comes to the fitness and lifestyle related books. Loved it to the core. Thanks Edward. Keep it up buddy.

Unsolicited direct message on Instagram from Carl (location unknown)

Hi, bought your ebook and I’m so impressed and amazed I want to get a hard copy (easier to refer to whenever necessary, highlight, bookmark etc than ebook). Do you have one?

Email from Benjamin, New York, USA

[Benjamin lost the ebook, so he bought it again. After I told him I’d give him his second payment back, he said:]

I just wanted your book so bad, so I bought it for the second time. If you could send the second payment back, I would be very happy. This book is worth it. It is so good. You did a great job.

Unsolicited email from Luca, Italy

Good morning Mr. Lord. During the quarantine, I had researched to learn how I can improve my knowledge and I found your site. It is amazing and there are a lot of interesting info and drawings. So I bought immediately your Ebook and it is amazing! Thanks for your work, I started to study!

Solicited review by ‘tru09’ (location unknown), sent via email

Amazing. Very informative. The calisthenics are extremely critical now and work every nook and cranny. The importance of fast reps for a certain result and slow reps for a different effect make the workout results more successful.

Unsolicited email from Christina, New Jersey, USA

Hi Edward, Christina here. I just downloaded your ebook and I’m so excited to get started.

I just want to say that I very much appreciate the work you do and how you do it. The second I saw the images you create, I knew I would resonate with your style of teaching. I also understand and resonate deeply with the trust in the universe you have by creating this beautiful ebook and making it so thorough, thoughtful, affordable, accessible – and trusting that when you do good, good will be done back to you. I also couldn’t miss that you make yourself so accessible and that it feels like you genuinely and deeply care about what you do and the people you do it for; that understanding/vibration is woven into everything I’ve seen/read thus far. I am driven by similar principles in all of my work as well – so I recognize the purity, the intention, and resonate with your mission and your style. Anyway, I’ll end here. But, I thank you, I appreciate you, and I value all that you do. Wishing you a great day. Christina

Unsolicited direct message on Instagram from ‘yvan’ (location unknown)

I bought your great body training book 2 years ago and it was a life changer. Best fitness book I ever bought and still using it.

Review by Anderson on Amazon US

Rating: Five stars

First of all, I had bought that book back in 2018 just for becoming stronger and weighting more at the gym. Then, I started reading this gorgeous book that talks about fiber types, how to eat the adequate macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates and lipids) foods for the body that you want.

Also, it contains combinations of healthy routines for becoming stronger of every muscle part of your body which means you can take a look at the body position exercises and you do not get any injury. I love the way they are fully organized for some routines we have upper/lower body, pushing/pulling, and so on.

In addition, I learned new vocabulary of calling intensity of the combination of the exercises such as superset, giant-set, failure, drop-set, rest-pause, and pre-exhaustion.

Finally, I am still reading it again due to the pandemic stuff I got out of shape and just taking it seriously this year and luckily seeing improvements again.

how to create a great body, Watch the video – learn how my ebook can help you to transform your body

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