Author: Edward Lord

I'm a two-horned purple cycloptic blob with fangs, two right feet, and very skinny arms and legs. My goal in life is to help as many people as possible to improve their health and fitness through this website, my ebook, and my social media accounts.

Nutrition Guide


Why is protein so important for weight training success, how much protein do you need, and what are the best sources of protein?

Nutrition Guide

Dietary fat

Why is dietary fat important for weight training, what are the different types of dietary fat, and how much fat do you need per day?

Nutrition Guide


Explore the different types of vitamin, what each vitamin does in your body, and the foods in which you can find them.

Nutrition Guide

Dietary minerals

What are dietary minerals, what types of dietary minerals are there, why are they required, and in which foods can you find them?

Nutrition Guide

Bulking and cutting

Bulking and cutting are nutritional cycles that you can use to optimize muscular growth. But when should you bulk or cut, and how do you bulk or cut?

Nutrition Guide

Nutrient timing

Explore nutrient timing, which involves eating the right combinations of the right nutrients at the right times to ensure the best possible results.