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Exercise Guide Lower body

Smith chair squat

The Smith chair squat is different from the barbell squat and Smith squat in that it is glute-dominant whereas the barbell and Smith squats are quad-dominant.

Exercise Guide Arms Lower body

One-arm bench dip

The one-arm bench dip targets your triceps brachii. If your supporting leg makes a significant contribution, your glutes and quads also become targets.

Exercise Guide Lower body

Jefferson squat

Learn the two ways in which you can perform the Jefferson squat, a compound lower-body exercise that targets your gluteus maximus and quadriceps.

Exercise Guide Back Lower body

Barbell rack pull

Use the barbell rack pull, a major compound pull exercise, to build body-wide strength and improve the middle and top portions of your barbell deadlift!

Exercise Guide Lower body

Cable squat

As with the dumbbell squat, you can use the cable squat as your primary quad-dominant exercise if the barbell squat is too hard on your lower back.

Exercise Guide Lower body

Dumbbell squat

Use the dumbbell squat as an auxiliary exercise to improve your barbell squat or as your primary quad-dominant (squatting) exercise during deload weeks!

Exercise Guide Lower body

Dumbbell step-up

Use the dumbbell step-up, a lower-body compound push exercise, to develop unilateral functional leg strength, as well as to improve your barbell squat!

Exercise Guide Back


The superman exercise is an auxiliary movement that targets your erector spinae (spinal erectors), while your gluteus maximus and hamstrings act as synergists.

Exercise Guide Lower body

Zercher squat

Created by strongman Ed Zercher in the 1930s, the Zercher squat is a major compound exercise that you can use to develop body-wide functional strength.

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