Tag: anterior deltoid

Shoulder tap push-up

Targeting your lower pectoralis major, the point of the shoulder tap push-up is to put your body off balance and force stabilizer muscles to work harder.

Decline dumbbell bench press

Learn the proper way to perform the decline dumbbell bench press, a compound and push exercise that targets your sternal (lower) pectoralis major.

Incline cable bench press

Compared with the incline barbell and dumbbell presses, the incline cable bench press maintains the focus on the upper pecs throughout the range of motion.

Machine-assisted triceps dip

A compound and push exercise, use the machine-assisted triceps dip to strengthen the muscles necessary to be able to perform the proper triceps dip.

Double cable front raise

Work your shoulders using the double cable front raise, an isolation exercise that targets your anterior delts and synergistically works your lateral delts.

One-leg push-up

The one-leg push-up, which targets your lower pecs and obliques, puts your body out of balance, thus forcing the recruitment of more stabilizer muscles.

Seated dumbbell front raise

Target your anterior deltoid and synergistically work your lateral deltoid, upper pecs, and serratus anterior with the seated dumbbell front raise.

Decline dumbbell fly

Use the decline dumbbell fly, an isolation and push exercise, to warm up, pre-exhaust, or burn out your sternal pectoralis major.

Decline cable fly

The decline cable fly isolates your lower pecs, while synergistically working your upper pecs, anterior delts, and the short head of your biceps brachii.

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