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Dumbbell Cuban rotation

Use the dumbbell Cuban rotation to strengthen three of the four muscles of your rotator cuff and thus promote a strong and stable shoulder joint!

Cable one-arm lateral raise

Use the cable one-arm lateral raise to build your lateral and anterior deltoids, and develop unilateral upper-body strength.

Dumbbell armpit row

The dumbbell armpit row is a rarely seen exercise that targets your lateral deltoid. Your posterior deltoid and various back and arm muscles act as synergists.

Lying side hip raise

Also known as the hip-up, the lying side hip raise targets your internal and external obliques, while synergistically working numerous other muscles throughout...

Seated barbell overhead press

Great for developing upper-body strength, the seated barbell overhead press takes your legs out of the equation, thus isolating your shoulders and reducing...

Arnold press

Invented by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Arnold press combines the lateral raise and shoulder press into a single and effective shoulder exercise.

Barbell wide-grip upright row

The wide-grip upright row is great for building your lateral deltoids and making your shoulders look wider. However, if performed incorrectly, it can be...

Dumbbell lateral raise

Use the dumbbell lateral raise to strengthen and build your anterior and lateral deltoids, which will give you broad shoulders.

Seated dumbbell overhead press

Target your anterior deltoids with the seated dumbbell overhead press, a primary compound exercise that also works your lateral deltoids, triceps, and upper...

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