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Lying weighted neck flexion

The lying weighted neck flexion, an isolation and pulling exercise, can be dangerous. Learn how to perform it safely and effectively.

Weighted stability ball crunch

The weighted stability ball crunch, an isolation exercise, targets your rectus abdominis, while your internal and external obliques act as synergists.

Weighted one-leg hip thrust

Easier to set up than the barbell one-leg hip thrust, the weighted one-leg hip thrust is a unilateral isolation exercise that targets your gluteus maximus.

Weighted inverted row

Use the weighted inverted row to build your back muscles and develop upper-body strength. Instead of a weight plate, you can use a weighted vest or chain.

Weighted push-up

Build upper-body strength and mass, engage your core, and improve your functional strength using the weighted push-up, a compound push exercise.

Weighted sissy squat

The weighted sissy squat is a serious exercise that isolates and thoroughly burns your quadriceps. Start with your body weight alone until you have mastered...

Plate front raise

The plate front raise is an auxiliary shoulder exercise that targets your anterior deltoid. Using a heavy weight will significantly challenge your core.

Svend press

Learn how to perform the Svend press with proper form. The compound push exercise works your pectoralis major, anterior deltoid, and triceps brachii.

Weight plate reverse curl

The weight plate reverse curl is an auxiliary arm exercise that targets your brachioradialis, not your biceps. Use it to strengthen your forearms and improve...

Weighted Russian twist

The weighted Russian twist is an auxiliary core exercise that targets your internal and external obliques. You can use either a weight plate, a dumbbell or a...

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