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What are the benefits of weight training?

Weight training comes with numerous benefits. The benefits range from improving your mental and physical health to enhancing your appearance, improving your mood, and even slowing down the aging process.

Below is a list of benefits that have been divided into categories. Whenever you can’t be bothered to pick up those weights at home or to hit the gym, bring your mind back to this list and remind yourself of all the positive outcomes that could result from weight training.

Physical benefits of weight training

  • Build the endurance, size, strength, and power of your muscles
  • Strengthen the movement patterns of your body
  • Develop better balance and coordination
  • Improve your athleticism and sporting performance
  • Develop better body proportions and symmetry
  • Improve your posture and gait
  • Fix imbalances between your upper and lower body, the left and right sides of your body, and your opposing muscle groups
  • Strengthen your joints, tendons, and ligaments
  • Increase the density of your bones
  • Make your body less prone to injury

Health benefits

  • Reduce your body fat
  • Reduce your cholesterol and blood fats
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Decrease your risk of heart disease
  • Decrease your risk of osteoporosis
  • Decrease your risk of arthritis
  • Increase your metabolic rate
  • Become more energetic
  • Increase your endurance and flexibility
  • Enhance your sleep
  • Slow down the aging process

Psychological and mental benefits

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Feel more relaxed and refreshed
  • Improve your mood
  • Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Develop a positive self-image
  • Feel a sense of achievement and empowerment
  • Strengthen your willpower
  • Become more disciplined
  • Learn to endure pain and push your pain barrier
  • Increase blood flow to your brain
  • Improve your concentration and focus
  • Improve your intelligence and memory
  • Enhance your learning abilities

Social benefits

  • Command more respect and attention
  • Look and feel more dominant
  • Be more capable of protecting yourself and your family
  • Make new friends at the gym
  • Become more attractive
  • Get more attention from the opposite sex

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