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Decline barbell pullover

Target your lower pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi using the decline barbell pullover, an isolation and pull exercise.

Close-grip barbell bench press

Activate and build your triceps brachii, pectoralis major, and anterior deltoid using the close-grip barbell bench press, a compound push exercise.

Barbell one-leg hip thrust

Use the barbell one-leg hip thrust for unilateral glute and quad activation. Avoid going very heavy because it can place too much torque on your vertebrae.

Overhead EZ bar triceps extension

Isolate your triceps brachii with the overhead EZ bar triceps extension. Using the EZ bar instead of a standard barbell can be easier on your wrists.

Barbell sumo squat

Great for inner-thigh development, the barbell sumo squat is a compound exercise that targets your quadriceps and, to a lesser extent, your gluteus maximus.

Barbell hip thrust

Arguably the king of all glute exercises, the barbell hip thrust is known to activate the gluteus maximus more than any other exercise, including the squat!

Barbell side lunge

An advanced unilateral lower-body exercise, the barbell side lunge is great for developing unilateral lower-body strength, coordination, and balance.

Bodyweight fly

An advanced bodyweight exercise, the bodyweight fly (aka rollout fly) can be an isolation or compound exercise depending on whether you extend your elbows.

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