Tag: hamstrings

Barbell front box squat

Use the barbell front box squat to strengthen your front squat strength. It's also useful if you have knee problems, as it requires less weight.

Inverse leg curl

The inverse leg curl (aka bodyweight or Nordic hamstring curl) is useful for working your hamstrings in the absence of a leg-curling machine.

Stability ball leg curl

Use the stability ball leg curl to work your hamstrings in the absence of a leg-curling machine. To make it more difficult, perform it with one leg.

Flat bench hyperextension

Targeting your erector spinae, use the flat bench hyperextension only if you do not have access to a hyperextension bench. The range of motion is limited.

Weighted one-leg hip thrust

Easier to set up than the barbell one-leg hip thrust, the weighted one-leg hip thrust is a unilateral isolation exercise that targets your gluteus maximus.

Twisting hip extension

Target your hamstrings and obliques using the twisting hip extension, an isolation exercise. Your gluteus maximus and adductor magnus act as synergists.

Standing cable hip extension

Isolate your gluteus maximus and hamstrings with the standing cable hip extension, a unilateral isolation pull exercise. You will need ankle straps.

Twisting hyperextension

The twisting hyperextension is a compound bodyweight exercise that targets your erector spinae, hamstrings, and obliques. Your glutes act as synergists.

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