Decline bench reverse hyperextension exercise
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Decline bench reverse hyperextension

Exercise details

  • Target muscle: Gluteus Maximus
  • Synergists: Hamstrings
  • Important stabilizers: Erector Spinae
  • Mechanics: Isolation
  • Force: Push

Starting position

  1. Lie on your stomach on an inclined bench, with your hips at the end of the higher edge. Allow your legs to hang off the edge.
  2. Hug the bench with your arms and lift your feet a few inches off the ground.


  1. Keeping your legs straight, exhale as you lift your feet as high as you can.
  2. Hold for a count of two and squeeze your glutes.
  3. Inhale as you slowly lower your feet back to the starting position.
  4. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Comments and tips

  • Compared to the flat bench reverse hyperextension, the decline bench reverse hyperextension forces your glutes to work harder to complete a greater range of motion.
  • Perform this exercise in a controlled manner. Do not swing or use momentum as this may injure your back.
  • Your erector spinae muscles will become synergists if you hyperextend your lower back.
  • Performing this exercise with straightened knees recruits both your glutes and hamstrings. To decrease activation of the hamstrings, bend your knees. This will increase activation of your glutes and force it to contribute more to the movement.
  • Place a towel under your hips if there is any pain or discomfort.
  • See also the flat bench frog reverse hyperextension and the machine reverse hyperextension.

Decline bench reverse hyperextension video

Sources, Hip Articulations

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