Stairmill climb exercise

Stairmill climb

Exercise details

  • Target muscles: Quadriceps
  • Synergists: Gluteus Maximus, Adductor Magnus, Soleus
  • Dynamic stabilizers: Hamstrings, Gastrocnemius
  • Mechanics: Compound
  • Force: Push

Starting position

  1. Holding on to the handrails, safely step up onto the stairmill.
  2. Click on ‘Start’ or select the workout you prefer to start the stairmill.


  1. Keeping your back neutral and your core engaged, breathe normally as you step up the ‘stairs’. You may either hold on to the handrails for support or let go.
  2. After you have finished, click ‘Stop’ to stop the stairmill.

Comments and tips

  • The stairmill climb is a fantastic unilateral exercise for strengthening your legs and improving your gait.
  • When stepping on the stairs, ensure that your whole foot is placed down flat on each step.
  • You may notice that some people extend their leg behind their body after every step with the goal of increasing activation of the gluteus maximus. You can get more activation of the gluteus maximus by skipping a step so that each step you take is larger.
  • A variation of the stairmill climb is to perform it facing sideways. This also activates the hip abductors, but it’s not safe for the knees. For the safety of your knees and ankles, perform the exercise facing forward, and keep your feet and knees pointing in the same direction.
  • The stairmill climb is also known as the stepmill climb.
  • See also the step-up, the dumbbell step-up, and the barbell step-up.

Stairmill climb video


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