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Gripless shrug

The gripless shrug is an isolation exercise that targets your upper trapezius, while your middle trapezius and levator scapulae act as synergists.

Machine leg raise crunch

Work your rectus abdominis (the target) and internal and external obliques (the synergists) with the machine leg raise crunch, an isolation and pull exercise.

Kneeling leg curl

Target and build your hamstrings with the kneeling leg curl, an isolation pull exercise. Your gastrocnemius, gracilis, sartorius, and popliteus act as...

Machine high row

Compared with other pull exercises, the machine high row hits your muscles from a different angle and can be used both unilaterally and bilaterally.

Sled calf press

Most people don't realize that you can use the sled/leg press machine to work your calves. The exercise is called the sled calf press (aka the leg press calf...

Machine chest press

The machine chest press is a compound upper-body exercise that targets your lower pectoralis major. It's very useful when you don't have a spotter for the...

Machine fly

The machine fly is an isolation exercise for your lower pectoralis major. Use it to warm up your pecs, pre-exhaust them, or flush them at the end of a chest...

Machine reverse hyperextension

Often used to treat lower-back pain and weakness, the machine reverse hyperextension is a great exercise for strengthening your glutes, hamstrings, and spinal...

Seated leg curl

The seated leg curl targets your hamstrings, while your gastrocnemius, gracilis, sartorius, and popliteus act as synergists.

Machine standing calf raise

Build and strengthen your calves with the machine standing calf raise. The exercise targets your gastrocnemius, while your soleus acts as a synergist.

Lying leg curl

A primary leg exercise, the lying leg curl targets your hamstrings. By changing the orientation of your feet, you can emphasize different hamstring muscles.

Machine seated calf raise

Target your soleus, one of the muscles of your calf, with the seated calf raise. To target your gastrocnemius, the other muscle of your calf, use the standing...

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