Wrist roller exercise

Wrist roller

Exercise details

  • Target muscles: Wrist Extensors
  • Synergists: None
  • Mechanics: Isolation
  • Force: Pull

Starting position

  1. Use an overhand grip to hold the wrist rope in front of you.
  2. Raise your arms until they are parallel to the floor.


  1. Keeping the rest of your body still, breathe normally as you rotate one wrist at a time in an upward motion.
  2. Once the weight has reached the bar, reverse the motion until the weight returns to its starting position.
  3. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Comments and tips

  • Use the wrist roller to enhance grip strength and build your forearms.
  • Grip strength is necessary for many daily tasks, like opening jars, and even other exercises, such as the deadlift. This makes the wrist roller important for functional fitness.
  • For the safety of your wrists and to prevent injury from occurring, do not lift a heavy weight. Wrists are not designed to lift heavy objects.
  • Grip strengthening exercises are best performed by the end of the workout. Performing them at the beginning can fatigue your forearm muscles, causing a decrease in weightlifting performance.
  • Stand tall and keep still throughout the exercise. Only your wrists should be moving.
  • See also the dumbbell reverse wrist curl over bench, cable reverse wrist curl and barbell reverse wrist curl over bench.

Wrist roller video


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