Tag: serratus anterior

Twisting cable overhead press

The twisting cable overhead press is brilliant for developing unilateral upper-body strength, as well as for improving core strength and stability.

Cable one-arm front raise

Build your anterior deltoid, lateral deltoid, upper pectoralis major, and other muscles using the cable one-arm front raise, a unilateral push exercise.

One-leg front plank

Targeting your abs and obliques, the one-leg front plank is a unilateral bodyweight exercise useful for developing the strength and stability of your core.

Cable wide-grip upright row

The cable wide grip upright row targets your lateral deltoid. If performed in a certain way, it can lead to shoulder impingement in some people.

Incline dumbbell front raise

The incline dumbbell front raise is an isolation exercise that targets your anterior deltoid. Your lateral deltoid and upper chest are the main synergists.

Kettlebell swing

A compound exercise, the kettlebell swing is great for cardio circuits, developing functional strength, and strengthening your posterior chain muscles.

Cable front raise

Learn how to properly perform the cable front raise, a shoulder isolation exercise that mainly works your anterior and lateral deltoids and upper pecs.

Plate front raise

The plate front raise is an auxiliary shoulder exercise that targets your anterior deltoid. Using a heavy weight will significantly challenge your core.

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