Elevated pike press exercise

Elevated pike press

Exercise details

  • Target muscle: Anterior Deltoid
  • Synergists: Upper Pectoralis Major, Triceps Brachii, Lateral Deltoid, Middle and Lower Trapezius, Serratus Anterior
  • Dynamic stabilizer: Biceps Brachii (short head only)
  • Mechanics: Compound
  • Force: Push

Starting position

  1. Position two inclined benches side by side, shoulder-width apart from each other.
  2. Place each hand on the low end of each bench and each foot on the inclined end of each bench.
  3. Raise your hips high by extending your knees. Your torso should be almost upside-down.


  1. Keeping your legs straight, inhale as you lower your head between the two benches. At the bottom of the movement, your torso should be upside-down.
  2. Exhale as you push your body back up to the starting position.
  3. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Comments and tips

  • The goal with both the pike press and elevated pike press is to target the shoulders. This is achieved by keeping the torso as upside-down as possible. This is made easier by elevating the feet, as in the elevated pike press.
  • Be sure to have first mastered the pike press before trying the elevated pike press.
  • Keep your back neutral and knees straight throughout the exercise.
  • If your hamstrings are tight, a slight curve in the back is acceptable.
  • Using two benches allows you to get the full range of motion because you can lower your head between the benches. If you do not have two benches, you can perform the exercise with your hands on the floor and feet elevated on a step or box. However, you must try not to hit your head on the floor.
  • For an advanced exercise, try the handstand press.

Elevated pike press video

No video demonstrations of the elevated pike press in which two inclined benches are used was available, but this video provides a good example of performing the exercise using a box.


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