Standing high to low cable fly exercise

Standing high to low cable fly

Exercise details

  • Target muscle: Sternal (Lower) Pectoralis Major
  • Synergists: Clavicular (Upper) Pectoralis Major, Anterior Deltoid, Biceps Brachii (short head only)
  • Mechanics: Isolation
  • Force: Push

Starting position

  1. Attach stirrups (handles) to two high cable pulleys.
  2. Standing below the pulleys with a stirrup in each hand, pull the stirrups down until your arms are fully extended.
  3. Keeping your arms straight, take a few steps forward and stop at a staggered stance (one leg in front of the other). The cables should be aligned with your arms.


  • Bring your arms out and back until your wrists are level with your shoulders.
  • Exhale as you reverse the motion to return to the starting position.
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Comments and tips

  • The standing high to low cable fly is also known as the standing costal cable fly or the standing lower pec cable fly.
  • The high-to-low movement activates the lower pectoralis major more than the regular standing cable fly does. This is because the angle of the cable involves more of the lower pectoralis major than the upper pectoralis major.
  • When returning to the starting position, think about driving your wrist down to complete the motion.
  • The leg in front can be from any side. Use the leg you’re more comfortable stepping forward with.
  • See also the chest dip, incline push-up on a box, and the dumbbell fly on a stability ball for more exercises on chest muscles.

Standing high to low cable fly video

Sources, Shoulder Articulations

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