Triceps dip using assisted pull-up machine exercise
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Triceps dip using assisted pull-up machine

Exercise details

  • Target muscle: Triceps Brachii
  • Synergists: Anterior Deltoid, Pectoralis Major, Latissimus Dorsi, Pectoralis Minor, Rhomboids, Levator Scapulae
  • Mechanics: Compound
  • Force: Push

Starting position

  1. Stand with your back facing the assisted pull machine.
  2. Circle your arms back and grip the padded knee rest behind you. Your fingers should be facing front and your elbows bent and facing back.


  1. Keeping your elbows close to your body, exhale as you straighten your elbows to push the knee rest down towards the floor.
  2. Hold for a count of two.
  3. Inhale as you reverse the motion to return to the starting position.
  4. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Comments and tips

  • The assisted pull-up machine helps people to do pull-ups by reducing the amount of weight they have to lift, but the machine can also be used to do certain pushing exercises, such as the triceps dip.
  • The triceps dip is more challenging when using the assisted pull-up machine, since the resistance your tricep muscles work against is the external weight connected to the machine. On the other hand, when using the assisted triceps dip machine, the resistance your muscles work against is your body weight (or even less).
  • It’s important to keep your torso upright and elbows close to your body. Leaning forward and flaring out your elbows will emphasize your lower pectoralis major muscles instead of your triceps.
  • See also the machine triceps dip, machine-assisted triceps dip and the triceps dip.

Triceps dip using assisted pull-up machine video

A decent video demonstration of this exercise was not available. In this short video, the demonstrator is sitting rather than standing. You are free to do either.


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